"Perfect Skin Starts with the Perfect Shave"

Essential oils regenerate the skin and create new skin cells to unveil soft,  radiant skin each time you shave.

Welcome to the hottest new trend in shaving! Pure Shave Scrub is carefully crafted using luxurious Argan, Jojoba, Coconut, and Vitamin e Oils. Each  works hard to deeply nourish the skin and protect it against the harsh effects of razor blades. How? By using a breakthrough technique that allows for a “Superior Razor Glide”. The healthy oils found in Pure Shave Scrub will work to prevent shaving irritations by creating an invisible and protective shield on your skin. It’s the best way to  alleviate razor burns, bumps, dark spots, and painful ingrown hairs.

Reduces Razor Bumps

Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Soothes Razor Irritation

Natural Ingredients

How does it work? It’s simple.

Choose your Starter Set of choice to test the benefits of shaving with Pure Shave Scrub.

30 days later, we will send you a full month’s worth of gentle shaving product, guaranteeing no irritations.

You can add more products or adjust the frequency of your delivery at any time.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Subscription Box

We will send a refill box your way every month, so that you can always have perfect skin that you and your partner will love.

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As a member of Pure Shave Scrub, you’ll always get a discount on your products  of 30%!

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